We are seeking volunteers who would like to give their skills and resources to our exciting vision

DIY: Do you have DIY skills that could help with the maintenance and upkeep of our homes? We would welcome both ongoing and one off volunteer contributions.

PAINTING/CLEANING: Are you part of a group of friends/Church group/Community group who might want to paint a room, help clear the garden or carry out a cleaning project at one of the refugee homes?

TRANSLATION: Are you fluent in Farsi, Arabic, Amharic or Tigrinya ~ and would like to use your skills to help translate for some of the refugees?  

TENANT SUPPORT: Do you enjoy working one-to-one and would like to spend a few hours a month supporting one of our refugee tenants as they begin to find a home in Bristol? This could include accompanying them on appointments, helping them fill out paperwork, being a listening ear)

If any of the above applies to you, or if you have a specific skill that you are willing to volunteer, we are excited to hear from you.  

Please contact us at volunteers@refugeewelcomehomes.net and we can send you an application form.